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Our Indoor Berry Farm

About Our Delicious Berries

We provide your family with the unmatched flavor sensation of the perfect berry. We are committed to growing the purest, most reliable greenhouse-grown berries by ensuring we maintain control of the entire process from beginning to end.

Unlike standard field growing methods, our greenhouse approach is remarkably efficient. We alleviate labor strain by enabling upright berry picking – no bending required. While field berries endure outdoor picking and subsequent truck transfer to cooling facilities, our greenhouse berries are plucked straight from the vine, gently nestled into clamshells, and promptly wheeled into the cooling facility. This process ensures more efficient picking and cooling, enhancing shelf life and overall quality.

That’s the Ever Tru Farms difference.

Our Berry Plants Come From Our Sister Company, Genson

The Greenhouse Difference

In our effort to minimize our impact on the environment, we've adopted a sustainable approach. Our fertigation (fertilized irrigation) water stays within a closed-loop system, preserving precious resources. Within this closed loop, our fertigation water undergoes a cycle, during which we employ pasteurization technology to treat the nutrient solution. Once treated, this solution is mixed with fresh water and nutrients, creating a balanced blend that's reintroduced to our plants. This way, we're able to ensure a responsible and efficient use of resources while nourishing our plants.

Hydroponics: Nurturing Strawberries Without Soil

Welcome to the world of hydroponics, where strawberries flourish sans soil, thriving on mineral nutrient solutions in a water-based potion.

Our strawberries thrive in a controlled setting, ensuring optimal conditions for growth. To create the best strawberries and a harmonious ecosystem, we've embraced a host of savvy tactics. What's more, hydroponic farming grants us the flexibility to rotate crops within the same spaces. As one strawberry batch nears the end of its life cycle, we're ready to introduce a fresh batch into the mix. These newcomers find their homes in the gaps thoughtfully spaced among the fully matured plants.

Thanks to our fertigation system, we have the power to tailor-make nutrient blends for every crop. This personalized attention guarantees that each strawberry plant gets precisely what it craves. And when it comes to continuous growth, our intercropping method ensures that we're always on track to deliver top-quality strawberries.

Every summer, the glass greenhouse gets a thorough cleanse during our annual greenhouse-wide cleaning shutdown. As for the conventional greenhouse, the cleanup takes place at the end of December, just in time for a fresh crop cycle. This diligent process keeps the production rolling all year round, so you can enjoy our strawberries no matter the season.

Crafting the Perfect Strawberry Haven and Saving Energy Along the Way

The magic of mastering the greenhouse environment results in top-tier strawberries and a significant slash in energy expenses. Our expansive 50-acre conventional greenhouse is designed with a "double poly" structure, where two layers of polyethylene act as protective layers against external weather elements. To give an extra dose of warmth and safeguarding, we circulate air between these layers when needed. We harness the radiant rays of our region's sunny days for an abundance of natural light that beams into the greenhouse.

In our spacious 15-acre glass greenhouse, we take it up a notch. Here, we've fine-tuned the controls to cultivate crops all year long. During darker months, trusty high-pressure sodium light bulbs step in, granting additional growth-inducing light and a touch of lingering warmth. As for those LED lamps? They work their magic by providing light at varying heights within the plants. And let's not forget about our dual energy screens suspended above the crops. Not only do they quell light spillover, but they also trap in the precious warmth, playing their part in energy efficiency. The berry on top? Vertical fans ensure that the air is circulated throughout the plant paradise.