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Introducing a dynamic duo focused on efficiency and eco-benefits - cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP). With Soave Cogeneration's advanced trigeneration, this concept reaches new heights. Their system excels, generating electricity to power homes while supplying heat to greenhouses, and even producing CO2 to nourish plants. Partnering with Soave means lower energy costs and environmental contributions. Generating 12 megawatts, our setup brightens 15,000 Canadian homes and leads North America in pioneering this large-scale cogeneration. In 2008, we deployed four smart GE-Jenbacher JMS 620 gas engines, recovering heat, quieting operations, and bolstering growth with collected CO2. The trio emerges: CO2 fuels plants, boilers and engine cooling provide affordable greenhouse warmth, and 3 megawatts of electricity per engine illuminate homes via the grid. Experience the impressive, eco-friendly, energy-efficient superstar – cogeneration!